Foundersbacker is dedicated to backing founders in sustainability, providing deep support and investment to innovative startups in the climate tech industry.
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Climate Tech Focus
We are committed to transforming waste materials into eco-friendly products, helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.
Startup Studio Model


Insights into Corporate Pain Points
Utilizing our experience and partnerships, like Founders Lair, we identify untapped market opportunities through a focused startup studio model.


Dedicated Product Development
We focus on creating highly specialized startups, each dedicated to addressing a single market pain point with a unique product or service.


Investment Strategy
Upon market validation, we provide an initial investment to drive the growth and success of the startups.
Corporate Venture Capital Arm
Nurturing Internal Talent
Supporting promising ventures through our Entrepreneur in Residence program to drive innovation from within.
Strengthening Supply Chain
Collaborating with supply chain companies to optimize resource utilization and drive sustainable growth.
Building a Sustainable Future
Prioritizing investments in material science and technologies that transform byproducts into valuable resources.
Serial founder, previuous accelorator manager, more than 100 investments so far.
Chun-Lin Chuang
2X founder, domain expert in supply chain
Startup CFO, Listed comapy CFO, PE fund director
EIR | Sustainability Advocate | Corporation Innovation | New Product Development |
Our Portfolio
Upcyqlo aims to repurpose agricultural waste into valuable resources, crafting premium, eco-friendly products that foster well-being for individuals and the planet.
Cirqlo stands at the forefront of agricultural and fisheries transformation with a commitment to fair trade and sustainability. We are reshaping agriculture and fishing operations, ensuring a more equitable and resilient future from farm to fork.
Shape the Future with Foundersbacker
Foundersbacker is seeking an exceptional Entrepreneur in Residence to join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in identifying and launching high-potential spin-off companies addressing critical challenges within our ecosystem.
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